What happens if I overdose with Tetracycline? How to take Tetracycline correctly?

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Being prescribed a Tetracycline treatment you do not hesitate and take a pill after pill not considering the rules of drug taking. It may be weird, but each drug should be taken correctly to avoid side effects, overdosing and to achieve the best effect of treatment.Tetracycline is a no prescription antibiotic with a wide bacterial coverage used for treating bacterial infections in the body of a patient. In most cases the remedy is used as a first line treatment. However there are cases when Tetracycline can be used as a part of complex therapy. It means that it is used in a combination with other drugs to reduce and relieve the symptoms and overall health condition. This determines the rules of correct taking of Tetracycline. What you should know about Tetracycline before you will take the first pill?

Tetracycline interacts with other drugs. When being prescribed a Tetracycline treatment as a part of complex therapy you should warn your doctor in any other remedies you are taking occasionally or constantly. However you should not stop your therapy. The Tetracycline treatment will require certain intervals between intakes of your drugs and bacterial infection treatment.

How to take Tetracycline?

Tetracycline should be taken strictly keeping to a prescription or to the instruction provided with the remedy if you prefer treating on your own. You should remember that Tetracycline is a short term medication and should not be taken longer than it is indicated. If you do not notice improvements in your health condition than the remedy or a therapeutic complex turns ineffective in this case and requires another remedies.
You should take Tetracycline in equal intervals of time to avoid overdosing. Do not take larger or smaller amounts of the remedy. Do not take broken, crushed or split pills as the quantity of active ingredient may be reduced in this pill and you will not get an enough dosage for treating the infection.
You should take each pill with a full glass of water on an empty stomach at least an hour prior to the food consumption or two hours after food.
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The active ingredient of Tetracycline may be stored in your body. If you take the pills despite the time intervals you may get overdosed as the concentration of the active ingredient in your body will be exceeded. The main symptoms of overdosing are nausea and vomiting. In rare cases you will notice diarrhea. However if you feel bad and your health condition is bothering you should better call to the emergency or report the case of Tetracycline overdosing to your physician. It is better to keep to a schedule and have a kind of reminder to take pills properly!